Families of the Wrongfully Convicted

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn community fears DA Ken Thompson’s replacement won’t continue his mission to overturn wrongful convictions, NY Daily News

October 16, 2016

A week after the death of Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, advocates raised concerns about whether the office’s commitment to overturning wrongful convictions would continue under his successor.

“There is real concern among the innocence community about Thompson’s replacement,” said Lonnie Soury, a spokesman for Families of the Wrongfully Convicted.


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Rally for the Wrongfully Convicted
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Letter to Mayor de Blasio

We are the wrongfully convicted. Some of us have been exonerated in the past several years; many others wait as prosecutors and the courts review our cases.

Two recurrent themes run through much of the injustices that we have endured. First, faulty eyewitness identification—either mistaken or manipulated—was a contributing factor to many of our convictions. The second frequent contributing factor was the extraction of false confessions, through psychological or physical coercion. In at least one case, the confession resulting in conviction was completely fabricated by the investigating detective.

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